Thursday, August 25, 2005

All this time, I couldn't wait to start on my path of enlightenment and when I finally succeeded through the first step, I stumble on several unexpected hurdles...I guess hurdles, almost always are unexpected! Well, as silly as it sounds, I forgot my username. Maybe that is misleading....cuz in reality, I thought I had a certain something as my username, until much later when I discovered, that it aint true - felt very weird [confirms that I should never be used as a prospective substanital evidence for any trials.] And now, I'm kinda busy with Mom's starting her new class. My mom is a teacher and she is going to start teaching Kindergarten. I could have never imagined how demanding this task is. She has some welcoming/introductory party for the kids and the parents on the 30th and God! there is so much to accomplish until then, which she has asked me to help her with. It was fun though. I visited her school today. God, I loveeee kids. It's fun, well if not under such queer eye of observance and strangelled by limiting grade expectations... But anyhow, we did lotsa shopping and did I go crazy or what!! I wish the school would fund you for all these requirements, but whatever! All shall be worth it, if mom excels in her endeavours :D

On the path to Sikhi: I have finally finsihed reading 3/4 articles that Mamu sent me. It is quite a painstaking task to read in Punjabi and to keep your attmetion focussed through it all. But mum's strategy definitely speedened the process: Read Aloud! It helps. The first article, which was mainly about meditation and Naam Jappana was INCREDIBLE. It shall be quite a task to translate it to the max in English, which by the way is my starting goal for this web site. English translation, although hard, shall make it very easy for me to refer to it as often as I'll like!
Also, I was counting the number of Gurudwaras in Toronto and vicinity - we counted till 11, which I think is nice! This is another of my goals, to visit them and write about them. This is one of my big things. I am fascinated by Gurudwaras - the Gurughars: House of God. I have recently realized that Sikhism truly is a world religion and by having gurudwaras around the world, without a history to it (like the ones in India and Pakistan), they make a statement about Guru's Sikhs. Its incredible. Psychology, religion, spirituality and people are my interests. And the Houses of God, which His disciples bring to life, to have Waheguru close to thier life, close to their hearts to rescue them and support them. I wish to visit all the gurudwaras in the world. Spiritual monuments of divinity - God on earth.


Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

I was viewing Ravi and Guru Jaswant's blog when I found your comment and blog. We Sikhs are sooooooo blessed. Even just to know the gurmantra 'WAHEGURU'. What a gift Guru Nanak gave to the world! And of course the tenth Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj left such an incredible legacy; our eleventh Guru, and the order of the pure, the sant-sipai, the KHALSA!
I will try to remember to visit your blog so that I can read about Gurdwaray in Toronto. I hope that you find true sangat (without politics). If I could offer you advice: I would say that you have to allow this to be your process. Recognize and appreciate any wisdom from the sangat and completely disregard anything negative, fanatic (i.e. controlling), or disappointing. Make your relationship with the Guru stronger than any other influence.
Sat Nam, WaheGuru!

Friday, August 26, 2005 2:40:00 PM  
Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

Thank you so much Prabhu Singh ji. After a long day at mom's school again, yours was the comment that inspired me to stay in tune with the goal to be consistent on contemplation of Sikhi - cuz that is the ultimate path for its attachment to my life. Thank you for your kind advice. I love my friends and family, but we are all sailing in the same boat. I really need to be in touch with active devotees of the Guru - I once was and it was divine. I shall keep your advice handy for future references; although it is but difficult to accept, when busy in judging. But I shall try and Waheguru shall bless:)

I will soon start on the TO Gurughar project. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

Saturday, August 27, 2005 3:51:00 AM  

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