Monday, September 12, 2005

...and so I made spontaneity my cup of tea :P

I was suppose to attend a friend's baby shower on Saturday and before that complete my photoshoot (:P) for Dixie Gurughar. Instead I ran into a friend who was visiting the HarbourFront, downtown for the new cruises that started recently for the Fall. Yes, I hopped on. It was fun though. And I love water, waves and the wind. It was getting dark...and we yet had to make it to the suburbs for the baby shower...:) But here is yet another unplanned evening...
This is the city side, which was intially covered by factories. This area, lemme think, till the '70s was the most polluted area in Toronto. It was life endangering for the people who worked in those factories. Eventually, the TO govt decided to redo the whole harbour and removed all industry from this place, except one. When these apartment buildings were made, no one wanted to buy them. They literally sold for nothing. Today each apartment here has a price in million...yep!
This is the only factory existing today in this locality. If I remember clearly (which is only if I heard clearly :P), this factory makes purified sugarcane juice. And they say that the water used in this distillery is purer than the purest form of water, which is rain...(Although i wonder then, that rain is not the purest most why the title?)

This is the main club house .
There were some farm houses on the farther end....with sheep!! See although this side is incredible, the people living in this locality (island, to be precise :P) are at a great disadvantage. During winters (And you know the winters of Toronto - horrible, snow covered) only one ferry goes to and from the island per day. This is TOUGH! And there is a lack of amenities on this beautiful yet poor island. The convenience store is really small and no grocery stores available. No one on this island is allowed to keep a vehicle, except the priest who is too old to ride a bike..:) Also, no one is allowed to rent/lease these houses for summer or winter whatever. The government was going to take over the place when they signed the agreement, that the inmates of this island, shall live in these hosues throughout the year (that's mean) and no one can buy these houses. You can only own them if you inherit them!!! Not fair I tell ya!
These were the gardens at the other end. Since I joined at a wrong time, we were not allowed to get off the cruise. Otehrwise, you have the option of staying back in these gardens for the whole day. However, we were on the last cruise of the
We came across this wonderfully intricate birdhouse. Kudos to the builder of this. **muah**

Once we were back at the docks. I like this picture.

I needed better pictures of the skyline.
The building behind is what looked to be made of white gold, which now to me appears more like an ice cube (where are my glasses?? :P)


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re: 'the gardens at the other end' photo, did you notice the flying saucer that has landed there? (lol!)


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