Monday, September 12, 2005

The Dixie Gurughar - Library

WeLcOmE the seekers of knowledge and truth...
This picture is from the other night. This library is usually packed, with Waheguru's mehar!
Both the sevadars for the library were very kind and helpful. We discussed the different translations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and also they found me a very old (almost torn apart) copy of 'His Sacred Burden' - a book on Bhagat Puran Singh ji: my Ideal man!! Waheguru!!
This is one of my favourite libraries among all the Gurughars. You can watch Sikhi tapes, DVDs, listen to CD's of Gurbani, read a large variety of books and aalso has personal space for saying your paths quietly.
In children's section...
These bed time story books were a delight. I didn't know there were books for the kids that taught them about Sikhi in such fun ways...I always inspired to do something similar for my kids at least. This also reminds me of one of the posts on Gurumustak ji's blog where this woman tells stories to kids in Espanola. I think this is the most wonderfully apt method of education for the kids.
There are about 4 of these cement lions around the Gurudwara. People who like kids should seat themselevs around here. These spots are stocked with cuteee kids playing with these cemented kings. It's always fun to join them :P


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