Monday, September 19, 2005

The Gatka

A little introduction about Gatka: It is the martial art of the Sikhs. Our Gurus started it to defend the Sikhs from the atrocities of others and to protect people from other religions as well.

My dad was a Gatka champion for almost a decade:) When I visited the Khalsa College of Amritsar, they still portray pictures of him with his accomplishment :D:D (I'm so proud of him:)

I was lucky to find an informal Gatka competition happening @ this gym @ Dixie Gurughar. Well, this hall is the home for a lot of sports activities that happen on a regular basis. About a few months ago, Sikh youth was allowed to use it for as long as they desired, even very late at night. But after the incident of theft of one of the Golaks, the Gurudwara committee dragged every one under the suspicious eye and set time restriction on the usage of Gurudwara properties and amenities.
This Bibi was assigned the task of Nagara (I think that's what it's called). And she was doing a pretty good job creating the gush od adrenaline in the participants as their points went up and down. Oh that reminds me that although all the participants were men. The judges for their performances were 3 Sikh women. And you can see their heads over the drum :)
There were a few spectators. I think, mostly families of the participants. But it was still interestign to watch the seriousness of the sport and the participants.

I know the pictures aren't clear. But these were all motion shots and I aint that brilliant a photographer neways :P


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