Friday, September 02, 2005

Malton Gurudwara

Malton Gurughar

When I look under Wikipedia, Malton is described as: "working-class neighbourhood comprised of Sikhs from the Indian province of Punjab who have built a large temple and community centre on Airport Road; although like other parts of the Greater Toronto Area, Malton is home to many people of many nations." You see that? Lemme mention that Malton and Brampton are the core Sikh residentials. There is another part in Brampton, called Springdale, which is called 'Singhdale' by one and all and then Castlemore close by (with the most magnificent houses) is called 'Ek Castle hor'...;)

One thing I wanna say is that I totally love this Gurudwara and I am so proud of it. And another thing to mention is that Malton Gurughar often houses some wonderful Kirtan Samagams throughout the year - it's amazing.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!

WeLcOmE to the Malton Gurughar :)

Do you see how surreal the clouds are.....i love those clouds and that Gurudwara...muah!

The outside...

2 Nishan Sahibs.

At the entrance....

The stairs into the main hall...

Entering the hall...

The Kirtan sej!

Parsaad Vaale Babaji

Matha Tekko Saadh Sangat:)

This uncle came to the Gurudwara with 4 kids. He appeared to be strict with them, for the kids were playing around. Then he commanded all of them to line up for matha tek and passed on the commands of matha tekking steo by step. Finally, he asked them to repeat after him: "Waheguruji, saanu akal diyo"....haha, and they repeated. Awwww. My mother used to do that with my sister especially, cuz she was sooo mischievous....alwasy upto something crazy....haha. It was a fun sight.

She was the youngest daughter of this uncle and she did not matha tek when he told all the kids, so he laid her face down before going to get parsaad and *smiles*, can you believe she stayed that way until daddy got back...hehe. It was the cutest thing!

The glass gumband I mention below...

Shastras again.

SGG Sahib's Seat of honour - I love the size of it and the best part is the glass gumband on the top - lights this place up so wonderfully, letting it be the area of prime attention (not like anything could make that hard)

Again, trying to catch the length and breadth of the hall in my tiny camera...

I saw this painting of Baba Farid in the hallway towards the Langar Hall. It was beautiful and the thought incredible!!

This faces the outside. This is one of my favourtie things about this Gurughar - its grandeur. It may not be the biggest Gurudwara in Toronto (which btw is Dixie Gurughar), but it is the most magnificently prominent. This Gurughar is well structured with a HUGE entrance gate and a grand surroundings. The building raises curioisty in the passersby. It is in fact the most prominent building in this municipality. I hope no one takes offense to may calling the Gurudwara sahib as a building, cuz after all I am talking about architecture :) (Jus so that we are clear :)

There were 2 Nishan Sahib's outside the Gurughar. I think this one might be especially for the school, cuz it was more on that end. It is the most famous (maybe one of the kind in Toronto neways) Punjabi school with proper affiliation with one of District school boards.

These kids from the right: Jasmine Kaur, Harsimran Singh, Angad Kaur and Valetti (? The Greek Goddess of water??) Kaur. I met these kids sitting outside the Khalsa school outside the MAlton Gurughar, but in its premises though. Such ADORABLE angels!! They were so welcoming and open :D Harsimran proudly told me that the kids (as if he is not ;) will be going to the Khalsa Punjabi school before they go to an English Public school. The worst confession: I was so embarrased sitting with them...considering that these kids have deeper strength than me. They are Gursikh and I am was very uncomfortable. But they were kind and it got a bit easier to blend in. They loved my bracelet: Proud to be a Sikh :) Made me feel a bit better...whoof! And then we discussed what their names mean and other stuff - It was AH-MAZING! The kids told me that they were heading to the Dixie Gurughar for Naam Simran and they were excited that I go there too :D Then all wanted to use my guess cuz it was so thin and small.....and then a phase of around 15/20 pics, just for their fun! These kids show me light and its fully divine. I am so happy for Sikhism - these kids: proud, happy and perfect, are the wonderful future :D:D:D

(pic deleted)
Aww, Angad Kaur was a DOLL!!! But with evil touches..hehe...just playing! And so was she. I had such incredible time with the kids. Oh by the way, it is me in the pic with Angad Kaur and Jasmine Kaur. I shall remember them always. **Kisses**


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I agree....Malton Gurudwara is absolutely amazing. I love the Simran and the Kirtan that take place. Thanks so much for the post. Your contribution to Sikhi is well appreciated.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 11:42:00 AM  
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