Tuesday, October 11, 2005


…innocence, curiosity, thrill, hopes and happiness. This and much more is experienced by all on their birthdays. As a kid, I didn’t like birthdays too much, for the excessive attention they brought with them. It flipped by a 180 degrees as I grew older for the very same reasons :)

Today I wanted to see why and how this tradition of celebrating birthdays began. I found this interesting web page which tries to convince us of meaningful reasons that made this day important. “The ancients celebrated not because some edict said, "celebrate," but because of practical everyday experience, like all astrological lore. The wise men (and women) noticed that when the sun hit the same spot in the heavens (against the zodiac backdrop) that it held on a person's birthday ... well, that day turned out to be extremely fortunate. This lucky pattern brought joy, and thus the birthday person wanted to celebrate."

It goes further to state that:
“Savvy astrologer buffs know that starting to do anything of major importance on a birthday has the extra solar boost of a once-a-year infusion of universal good will and luck. So before you celebrate, use this day to your advantage, then in the evening celebrate all the good things you did or set into motion.
Here's a three-part plan for the truly ambitious to use this day:
1. Decide to ask the universe for one thing this year. Be specific.
2. Graciously accept gifts and congratulations on this day. (Why? Because you will then set into motion a karmic pattern that intensifies your wish.)
3. Spend at least 20 minutes alone, revitalizing your body. That means taking a soothing bath, having a massage or just lying down listening to beautiful music. Remember this is a day to "tune-up" the body just as you'd do for a car after 50,000 miles. Ask your body to repair any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual damage that was done to this amazing vehicle (you!) and you'll make each year better and better."

Who actually knows the truth behind this all? But for once I’d like to believe it. It seems to revitalize every part of ones’ being. I have always loved “a new chance” and “new beginnings”. Thank God for deeming some of the days important, thus enforcing on us the notion that we do still have the chance to a fresh start, those ideal beginnings...

And like most of my birthdays in the past, I will want to wake up early tomorrow, take shower and immerse in Waheguru’s simran. Thank Him for everything and more than everything He bestowed upon me and (hard to skip) ask for his Gracious presence in my life forever and ever and ever :D

'Soyi pyaare mel, jinna milyan tera naam chitt aave
Nanak Naam chardi kala, Tere bhane sarbat da bhala!"

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!!


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