Saturday, November 26, 2005

Why Hospice work - Counting the blessings and reasons...

What wonderful blessing you gave me! Thank you Gurinder ji.

I LOVE and ADORE Bhagat Puran Singh ji. I wanted to be a Humanitarian like him. Probably stay celibate and donate all that i have to chairty. Somehow got engulfed in maya with every step of aging. Now, when i have a clear image how future will be like, or will NOT be like, i needed to do a little something to live my dream that i have cherished every day in the past. This is my effort to not be disappointed if i choose the road everyone takes (:P).

One other reason is the disappointments in the lives of the elderly. It is sad when people die before they actually do. I am hoping I can share some life with those who desperately need it. Moreover, Waheguru has been the kindest ever by giving me the world's best and most loving and caring family and friends. Satguru has given me so much love and life, that I know I can share my abundance with the ones in lack of it.

It won't be easy. I am aware of it. It is stressful and difficult. And the biggest problem is attachment with those who are already near their final destination.

Sigh...oh well. Just hoping that I'll be able to appreciate Waheguru's blessings more, by engaging in this skin peeling experience...

I thank Waheguru with all honesty, for you guys being here - All you guys bring me closer to Waheguru. I've never had Sikh friends, and mind you i was born and raised in India, Amritsar!!! I know this is really personal stuff, but i can share and I would appreciate no judgement, but my boyfriend aint Indian, forget about being a Sikh. Somewhere, I want to chain myself down to the good dreams i once created, so that my changing life keeps it most basic and earnest desires of Waheguru and Humanity in my life and swaas.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i miss the Fall... the snow steals colour off this earth...adding richness to white...I miss the bright colours of the fall. I had taken these pics at or around my house before my accident. I don't have the cool tricks like MSingh ji to just put a link to all the pics...but i guess i wanted to scatter these leaves all over my blog. And as Prabhu Singh ji (too many references here :P) says that pics look best when viewed find it especially true for these pics :)

This one is actually by favourite of all :) until spring knocks our doors....adieu lovely colours, adieu :):)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sat Sri Akal

Just wanted to thank everyone for their kind wishes. I'm doing fine...just a few bruises left and therapy ends day after tomorrow :)

Everyone who came to visit me would ask how i survived this accident, since my car got written off in the process, it was horrible. When I met with the accident, I was more upset for my lost car, which won't be covered by insurance....and people's gladness over my safety meant nothing to me. Not until the day at the gas station, on Gurupurab, when I saw a man in one of those mobile wheel chairs filling up the gas tank of his automobile. Only then did I realize that Waheguru has re-bestowed the gift of healthy life to me. And I am truly thankful for this opportunity. I hope that I can make my remaining 'swaas' more meaningful and dedicated to Satguru.

I wish I could turn them true...
"Bahut Janam bichde thae madho
Aiho janam tumhare lekhe - 2"

Friday, November 11, 2005


p.s.// I've met with an accident. I'm alright. But it will be a short while, till I update this blog:(
Satnam Waheguru!

All that happens, and all that will happen, is by His Will. If we could do something by ourselves, we would. By ourselves, we cannot do anything at all. As it pleases the Lord, He preserves us. 1 O my Dear Lord, everything is in Your power. I have no power to do anything at all. As it pleases You, You forgive us. 1 Pause You Yourself bless us with soul, body and everything. You Yourself cause us to act. As You issue Your Commands, so do we act, according to our pre-ordained destiny. 2 You created the entire Universe out of the five elements; if anyone can create a sixth, let him. You unite some with the True Guru, and cause them to understand, while others, the self-willed manmukhs, do their deeds and cry out in pain. 3 I cannot describe the glorious greatness of the Lord; I am foolish, thoughtless, idiotic and lowly. Please, forgive servant Nanak, O my Lord and Master; I am ignorant, but I have entered Your Sanctuary. 4 4 15 24
Friday, 28 Katak (Samvat 537 Nanakshahi)
(Page: 736)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today's Hukamnama - Nov. 5

My soul burns, over and over again. Burning and burning, it is ruined, and it falls into evil. That body, which forgets the Word of the Guru’s Bani, cries out in pain, like a chronic patient. 1 To speak too much and babble is useless. Even without our speaking, He knows everything. 1 Pause He created our ears, eyes and nose. He gave us our tongue to speak so fluently. He preserved the mind in the fire of the womb; at His Command, the wind blows everywhere. 2 These worldly attachments, loves and pleasurable tastes, all are just black stains. One who departs, with these black stains of sin on his face shall find no place to sit in the Court of the Lord. 3 By Your Grace, we chant Your Name. Becoming attached to it, one is saved; there is no other way. Even if one is drowning, still, he may be saved. O Nanak, the True Lord is the Giver of all. 4 3 5

Saturday, 22 Katak (Samvat 537 Nanakshahi)
(Page: 661)

I found this @, while searching under "My Husband Lord" :)
Love Waheguru!

Temporary Discontinuation

...kinda sleepy now...had a long day :( As much as I want to capture all the thoughts right now...I shall pass, methinks. I shall continue tomorrows :)

Satnam Waheguru!

i love, the way i am

So men and women are different - yes! A no-brainer. But they love differently - yes! Indeed, Gurinder ji has already explained this so well in the post referenced to in the beginning of this discussion. I'll like to add my two cents to it (although as a student of human Psychology, I can't seem to find a right beginning, not to mention the extensive details, which to skip and which to mention here). I'll give it my best shot:

However, I'm going to being with anthroplogy instead of Psychology. In an essay titled 'How to tell the girls from the boys', Cynthia Eagle Russett talks about why women have grown to be the way they are. She states that "because they remained at home, women had a greater share of inhabitiveness, or love of place...[which leads to] more of adhesiveness, the 'instinctive tendency to attach one's self to surrounding obejcts, animate and inanimate'." This is one among several reasons that she hints to tell that women run on feelings and emotions more deep, more irrational (as they appear to men).

It is feelings and the heart that you need to follow on the path of religion, not the mind. For the mind shall always create doubt for what it cannot see, or measure as 'matter'. The heart, however, does not doubt. It needs no proofs to justify the feelings. True love shall survive in the castle of straws as long as the belief holds strong; it shall tumble and fall in the castle of rocks, whose pillars are but hollowed up by doubt!

Woman do indeed have a bigger capacity to love and to commit. There are demands that have been imposed upon women for eternity, irrespective of what part of earth she has inhabited. Facing the innumerable hardships because of difference of expectation and status, women have a keener approach to achieving their desired goals. When it comes to love, women "show" it more appropriately, which is in 'deeds' and actions more often.

As a woman, it shall need every human being to grow humbler with the pains, keep trust and seek hope, love wholly and commit unwavered. And we need all of these qualities to move towards God. A woman's character is thus, what you shall formulate your character into to reach your desired goal of sublime love with the Satguru.

Ishq Hakiki

So my mom is Masters in Science, but about 8 years ago, just out of passion for the language, she also did masters in Punjabi. I’d ask her to share if something really fascinating came along. And that is when for the first time I heard about the two types of ‘Ishq’ - 1) Ishq Hakiki and 2) Ishq Majaji.

I think it is important to define the word 'Ishq' to begin any further subdivision. Ishq as I understand is Passionate love. And it is wiser to not take the word passion in terms of the zealous, intense, but short-termed lustful desires, but in terms of endearment. Passion is ardent love. "Passion is a deep, overwhelming emotion." It is also, "Fervor, [which] is great warmth and intensity of feeling" like the one experienced at the time of uniting with someone you strongly relate to. It is also "Zeal [- the] strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance." This passionate love when sacredly viewed, is Ishq Hakiki.

So, Ishq Hakiki is the dedicated love for God and Ishq Majaji is the mortal love we share as humans for usually people of the opposite sex.

When the phrases in SGGS use this sexual metaphor, it is always in reference to Ishq Hakiki (except for the very few times where the direct hint is to Ishq Majaji, that is used only in terms of advice for how wedlocks of humans should be, considering that Sikhism does not promote celibacy.) That is why there are several words for the same meaning. The purpose of synonyms is not to drive us crazy, confuse us or give purpose to dictionaries (;)), but the message is that all words although aim to mean the same, yet remain different. For circumstances are big formulators. No wonder the word "communion" and "sex", in spite of meaning the same thing vary; the former has a huge religious impact to it, which is totally lacking in the latter.

God is the most important entity to us, and love remains the strongest emotion. If the two come together, it culminates an emotion of utmost richness, intensity, meaning and permanence. This is when we grow beyond self-pleasure and yet please ourselves continuously by giving us the gift of 'true love' - THE love, THE most significant relationship of our lives. And if there is to be a relationship of passionate love, there is a need for characters and using the two that God made with much love, it's to be a man and a woman. For the love to bear commitment, it needs the binding of a wedlock - therefore man and wife [Unlike Hinduism, that refers to Sri Krishna and his passionate love, none of which were beaded into the sacred thread of marriage.]

Now, is the final share, who shall be the husband and who the wife. And we shall come to this in conclusion :)

'My Husband Lord'

This is a continuation of the discussion at - Ik Singh ji raised the query of why we refer to Waheguru as the husband and the humanity as the wife. Gurinder ji gave a wonderful affirmation to the whys. In the following few posts, I'm going to discuss all that I know or have recently gathered about this topic, which has been my topic of interest for quite a while as well.
These are the sub topics that I think follow under this topic to truly understand the making of this conception:

1) Ishq Hakiki
2) Difference between men and women w.r.t their loving styles and capacities
3) Reasons endearing from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib itself
4) Other religions' with similar ideology and their explanation of this attribution
5) Why could humanity not be the husband?
6) Conclusion

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sweet November

daras Tere ki pyaas mann laagi
sahaj anand basai bairagi ll3ll
Nanak ki ardaas suneejai ll
keval Naam ridai meh deejai ll4ll28ll77ll
My mind thirsts for Your Vision;
in peaceful ease and bliss, I dwell in detachment.
Hear this prayer of Nanak:
please, infuse Your Name into my heart.
(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 389)