Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006

May Waheguru bring loads of blessings this new year 2006. Wishing you all the best!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

God in all

Gaze into the heart of each creature and kin
and behold the Beloved who gazes upon you with love.

~ Sister Georgeone Wilson

Franciscan nun Georgeone Wilson was an anchoress, a hermit living a contemplative life, in a small hermitage in Wheaton, Illinois. She is also a poet, artist and mystic. Gor Georgene, in every person and every sentient being, the Divine is expressing itself, is loving each one of us. God is the self in every person, and with the requisite sensitivity, we can discern this presence shining forth in all things. This capacity to discern the Divine presence in all sentient beings is a hallmark of the mystic saint of every tradition. It is essential that we realize in our dealings with our fellow creatures on this planet, that we all belong to the same ultimate family, one that is essentially arising from, being maintained by, and returning to the Divine reality. In more personal terms, as we can gather from Georgene's aphorism, we can encounter the Beloved, the Holy One, in every living being.

Friday, December 23, 2005

‘Ceremony of bliss’

Yes, time for Anand…no not mine, but my best friend’s :D Weddings are overwhelming, and I am just stating that as an outsider! But since it is my dearest friend’s wedding, I want to take a few moments to evaluate the whole institution of marriage. I know Sikhism is one of the few religions that encourage this way of life. But just stepping into it is such a time consuming and resource consuming process that it makes me wonder what good is attained in dedicating the enormous and precious time to this way of life. Research tells me that marriage between Sikhs is not just a symbolic union, but is also considered to be a fusion between two souls. For this reason, marriage is considered to be a semi-holy state that everyone ought to aspire to. But marriage is much more than a holy's about new interests, new desires and several new involvements. How does it truly take us toward God? And how do you tackle additional responsibilities and goals, when the current ones are so very hard to manage?? Especially the goal of streamlining your mind and focus of reaching for and towards Satguru. So just wondering…

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Time for no excuses - Learn Punjabi online

Finally the entrepreneurs of Punjab have given the ultimate gift to the progress in the field of linguistics, by creating the web site:

for anyone to learn Punjabi online. The site is speculatively divided into portions that make it an easy step-by-step process. The site also offers verbal help and guide on pronunciation with variations on the pronunciation of words that sounds alike, but have several different meanings (argh, i can't remember the right term for it...hehe). These tones are something that even a pro can learn from. So from my quick review of this site, I blv it has something useful to offer to everyone.

Let's share Punjabi with ease and with all :)

Oh how I love you so….oh how I wish I could let it show!

He is senile, his words coarse, his life stiff. Abusive to the wife, I was told – verbal abuse. She left in the snow storm to do some urgent grocery shopping for the dinner – the daughter from BC was coming with her bf. An hour and a half of talking did not flash the light in me of where his heart was at. I talk and talk and he utters unrelatedly, “She is going to be so tired. And cold. She loves to shop. I used to drive her around all the time. We used to do 8-10 stores in a day. Now I can’t – can’t drive, can’t shop with her, can’t provide her all she needs and deserves. She is going to be very tired and cold….”. That moment it seemed that my education in psychology had felt short. I had stepped through that door with some knowledge, some ideas and some stereotypes. I don’t know or understand men well. But how could my instinct have failed me so??

‘Abusive’ was not the word my client coordinator should have put in client history – tough love is the right replacement. Even when she was stormed by questions and commands or ridicules of being silly, when she returned – the abrasive remarks are but chocolates wrapped in mortar. Love happens in ways much strange. And its mysterious workings are a delight. I hope she knows...i think she does :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

merry xmas 2 all :)

Exams are over and I have nothing to post right now..hehe. I'll soon find something to share :)

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Gian Singh Naqqash - A tribute

I might have missed on the life of such an accomplished person adn artist, who added to the beauty of the House of God, Sri Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple), if it wasn't for the article published @ Sikhnet:

His family have shared the gift of art through generations and through times of utter poverty. Your heart might clasp on knowing what this great man had to do to gather money for his father's cremation. The article states that he borrowed Rs. 100 from a book seller in Amritsar on the promise/deal that: "It reads, “Gian Singh’s son (G.S. Sohan Singh, a famous artist of his times) would fetch two ‘gaggars’ (big containers made of metal), full of water to their (publisher’s) house every evening, apart from 25 per cent interest till clearance of the amount.” The debt was cleared after a year. " That is sad. Yet the man and his family held to their gift of art and devoted it to the Guru through generations.

God bless his soul and his wonderul family for enriching Sikh history.

Here are some (the ones i found especially useful) more links to his accomplishments, contributions and life:

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The oldest Gurughar of Toronto

This Gurudwara is actually the second oldest Gurughar in Toronto. But as for the ones still running operations, this is the oldest in town. The gurudwara is in the heart of downtown. This Gurudwara has faced several challenges in terms of financial challenges.

Sorry, the pictures aren't that clear, just a very long time since i used the camera, or the camera used me :P

Good art work @ this Gurudwara...this one I think is digital stuff...or i can't really tell.
This was the oil painting at the entrance....REALLY nice!