Sunday, July 23, 2006

SUKHMANI - The Pearl of Peace

In the Sukhmani are peace, Lord's praise and Name.
He, withing whose mind it abides becomes wealthy,
All his desires are fulfilled.

He becomes most distinguished man and gets renowned in the entire world.
He obtains the highest place of all.
He does not, again, come and go.

Nanak, the man who obtains the Sukhmani, departs after earning the wealth of God's name.

Repose, peace, wealth, nine treasures, understanding, divine knowledge, all the immediate occult powers;
Learning, penance, union with and meditation on the Master,
The exquisite divine insight, the excellent ablutions;
The four cardinal boons, the blossoming of the heart lotus;
Detachment from all things though in the midst of them all;
Beautiful, shrewd and knower of reality;
Impartial looker and the beholder, of one God,
These gifts are obtained by the man, who with his mouth recites the Sukhmani and heartily bears Guru Nanak's hymns in the praise of God's name.

Let anyone meditate heartily on this Name's treasure.
In all the ages he shall obtain salvation.
This composition is the praise of the World-Lord and the recitation of the Name about which the Simritis, Shashtras and Vedas speak.
The essence of all the religions is the God's name, alone.
It abides in the mind of Lord's devotee.
Millions of sins are effaced (pardoned) in the saints guild.
By saint's mercy, man escapes the death's courier.
They, on whose brow, the Lord has recorded such destiny, have O Nanak entered the saints sanctury.
He, within whose mind the Sukhmani abides and who listens to it with love, that mortal remembers the Lord Master.

His pangs of birth and death are destroyed.
His body (life), so difficult to obtain, is forthwith exonerated.
Spotless is his repute and sweet is his speech.
The Name alone is contained in his mind. Sorrow, sickness, dread, and doubt depart from him.
He goes by the Name of a saint and His acts are pure.
The highest of all becomes his glory.

Because of these virtues, O Nanak, this is called THE HYMN OF PEACE!

(SGGS, p.295-296)