Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Sat Sri Akal :)

I'm writing my Graduate Record Examination this Friday (sep 1) which has kept me very busy. I hope everyone is doing great and is in chardi kala! I will be seeing much more of everyone after this Friday...thanks for dropping by in the meanwhile, especially Manjeet Singh ji, Manpreet ji and Sat bhenji :)

And wish me good luck for the exam..to say I'm terrified would be an understatement :(


Friday, August 11, 2006

Only if...

If only someone would come, and lead me to meet my Darling Beloved; I would sell myself to him. 1 I long for the Blessed Vision of the Lords Darshan. When the Lord shows Mercy unto me, then I meet the True Guru; I meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. 1 Pause If You will bless me with happiness, then I will worship and adore You. Even in pain, I will meditate on You. 2 Even if You give me hunger, I will still feel satisfied; I am joyful, even in the midst of sorrow. 3 I would cut my mind and body apart into pieces, and offer them all to You; I would burn myself in fire. 4 I wave the fan over You, and carry water for You; whatever You give me, I take. 5 Poor Nanak has fallen at the Lords Door; please, O Lord, unite me with Yourself, by Your Glorious Greatness. 6 Taking out my eyes, I place them at Your Feet; after travelling over the entire earth, I have come to understand this. 7 If You seat me near You, then I worship and adore You. Even if You beat me and drive me out, I will still meditate on You. 8 If people praise me, the praise is Yours. Even if they slander me, I will not leave You. 9 If You are on my side, then anyone can say anything. But if I were to forget You, then I would die. 10 I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to my Guru; falling at His Feet, I surrender to the Saintly Guru. 11 Poor Nanak has gone insane, longing for the Blessed Vision of the Lords Darshan. 12 Even in violent storms and torrential rain, I go out to catch a glimpse of my Guru. 13 Even though the oceans and the salty seas are very vast, the GurSikh will cross over it to get to his Guru. 14 Just as the mortal dies without water, so does the Sikh die without the Guru. 15 Just as the earth looks beautiful when the rain falls, so does the Sikh blossom forth meeting the Guru. 16 I long to be the servant of Your servants; I call upon You reverently in prayer. 17 Nanak offers this prayer to the Lord, that he may meet the Guru, and find peace. 18 You Yourself are the Guru, and You Yourself are the chaylaa, the disciple; through the Guru, I meditate on You. 19 Those who serve You, become You. You preserve the honor of Your servants. 20 O Lord, Your devotional worship is a treasure over-flowing. One who loves You, is blessed with it. 21 That humble being alone receives it, unto whom You bestow it. All other clever tricks are fruitless. 22 Remembering, remembering, remembering my Guru in meditation, my sleeping mind is awakened. 23 Poor Nanak begs for this one blessing, that he may become the slave of the slaves of the Lord. 24 Even if the Guru rebukes me, He still seems very sweet to me. And if He actually forgives me, that is the Gurus greatness. 25 That which Gurmukh speaks is certified and approved. Whatever the self-willed manmukh says is not accepted. 26 Even in the cold, the frost and the snow, the GurSikh still goes out to see his Guru. 27 All day and night, I gaze upon my Guru; I install the Gurus Feet in my eyes. 28 I make so many efforts for the sake of the Guru; only that which pleases the Guru is accepted and approved. 29 Night and day, I worship the Gurus Feet in adoration; have Mercy upon me, O my Lord and Master. 30 The Guru is Nanaks body and soul; meeting the Guru, he is satisfied and satiated. 31 Nanaks God is perfectly permeating and all-pervading. Here and there and everywhere, the Lord of the Universe. 32 1
Friday, 27th Saawan (Samvat 538 Nanakshahi)
(Page: 757)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

dedicated to anonymous!

gold, originally uploaded by Dew Drop.

"This is how I would die into the love
I have for you ( Waheguru)
As pieces of cloud dissolve in sunlight "
- Anonymous

(Thank you for such lovely words, which aptly give meaning to this image!)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What difference does it make?

(This is an invaluable story which I first heard from someone kind and generous, which I think is an invaluable inspiration for every soul it touches) :)

There was a man taking a morning walk at the beach. He saw that along with the morning tide came hundreds of starfish and when the tide receded, they were left behind and with the morning sun, they would die. The tide was fresh and the starfish were alive. The man took a few steps, picked one and threw it into the water. He went to the next and did the same and so no. One after the other he kept throwing them back into the water.
Right behind him there was another person who couldn’t understand what this man was doing. He caught up with him and asked, “What are you doing? There are hundreds of starfish. How many can you help? What difference does it make?” This man did not reply, took two more steps, picked up another one, threw it into the water, and said, “It makes a difference to this one.”
What difference are we making? Big or small, it does not matter. If everyone made a small difference, we’d end up with a big difference, wouldn’t we?

Please refer to Satvinder Bhenji's valuable post @ http://satvinder.blog.com/930302/#cmts. One thought might create an idea which might create a wave - a wave of change, a wave that matters!!!

The sacred mingling

The sacred mingling, originally uploaded by Dew Drop.

“Give up your selfishness, and you shall find peace; like water mingling with water, you shall merge in absorption.” - Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Asa Di Vaar

I've been lucky to find the BEST recitation of Asa Di Vaar.

Raagi: Bhai Nirmal Singh
(Hazoori Raagi Jatha Sach Khand Harmandar Sahib ji (Amritsar)

The voice and pitch is angelic. The recitation is so clear and harmonious. I think it is the most amazing CD I have. I'd recommend anyone looking to buy a copy, to try listening to this one. It can truly work wonders :)

Satnam Waheguru!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Time of trial and reward

The Lord is the Fulfiller of desires, the Giver of total peace; the Kaamadhaynaa, the wish-fulfilling cow, is in His power. So meditate on such a Lord, O my soul. Then, you shall obtain total peace, O my mind. 1 Chant, O my mind, the True Name, Sat Naam, the True Name. In this world, and in the world beyond, your face shall be radiant, by meditating continually on the immaculate Lord God. Pause Wherever anyone remembers the Lord in meditation, disaster runs away from that place. By great good fortune, we meditate on the Lord. The Guru has blessed servant Nanak with this understanding, that by meditating on the Lord, we cross over the terrifying world-ocean. 2 6 12
Friday, 20th Saawan (Samvat 538 Nanakshahi)
(Page: 669)